1. Final thoughts

    22 May 2020
    (Overview) Themes in regards to thinking about ‘what photography is’ are massively apparent in my project Sleep State. The possibilities for what is classed a ‘photographic’ image I find incredible and wanted to showcase this within my work. Throughout Sleep State I have used a vast amount of mediums…

  2. Showcasing an ONLINE Exhibition

    22 May 2020
    (Overview) There are multiple professional skills that I feel I have developed in this unit, these skills differing from those I gained in units prior to Exhibit in the City, one example being curation. Although I have curated my own display of images before, I have never been in the…

  3. Sleep State. Final images

    21 May 2020
    Sleep state documents both the sounds and shadows of sleep, focusing on the lines left upon the duvet and the white noise of the night. It is said that the time in which we sleep is when our subconscious selves come to life, and with both sound, motion and dreams…

  4. Sleep State, 8.23. Final Video

    20 May 2020
    Video, 8.23 White noise from the night of a significantly bad dream is heard, whilst the textual imagery displays a diary entry that was written upon waking from said dream. LINK DISPLAYED ON ARTSTEPS https://sleepstate.format.com/sleepstate 

  5. FINAL Exhibition space

    20 May 2020
    Here is a walk through in screenshots of my final and published exhibition space on artsteps. Overall I am really happy with how my work has come to a conclusion with this project and I like the layout decided for the interactive exhibition My room is on the first floor…

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