Touching Earth

A project exploring the Somatosensory System that is ‘Touch’ and it’s ‘correspondence with the ground’ ; a claim by Aristotle.

With a certain lack of freedom to touch due to a recent outbreak of Global Pandemic, it is easy to feel a disconnect to the world and those around you, a lack of physical connection leaving you feeling isolated. There is an internal connection between the soul and the sensory powers; touch, touching and being touched, especially essential aspects for both human existence and experience.

When we touch someone or something, we are inevitably touched in return; and so I begin to consider such a connection between myself and the natural world, often finding myself gravitating toward nature in these times of isolation, despite living in an increasingly digitally driven world.

Throughout this journey I have explored the particular engagement with the world that the hand allows; collecting, making, documenting, touching the ground in which I walk upon and engaging with found natural spaces within the city.

Touching Earth showcases a visual interpretation of the sensory experience that occurs between flesh and Earth.

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